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Misty Mountain Taxidermy Studios

DEPOSITS -  A deposit of 50% of the total cost is due upon reciept of the specimen (drop off). Absolutely no work will begin on any specimen until a deposit is received. No Exceptions. Since freezer space and studio work space is limited and valuable we are NOT able to store frozen specimens without a deposit of 50%. After a period of 30 days of receipt of specimen, if a deposit is still not paid we will dispose of the customer's specimen. Customers residing outside of the (570) area code will be required to have a deposit of 75% of the total cost paid before work will begin on any specimen.

FINAL PAYMENT -Upon completion the customer will be notified by e-mail or text. Finished taxidermy work must be picked up within 10 business days (2 calendar weeks) after notification of completion. If the work is not picked up within 10 business days after notification of completion a $5 per day storage charge will be added to the bill up to 30 days at which time the work will be considered abandoned and will be sold by MMTS with no refund of deposit money.  We do not mind holding on to finished taxidermy as long as it is paid for in full. Customer work that is unclaimed 30 days after notification of completion with an outstanding balance become the sole property of the studio and are subject to be sold for balance due with no return of deposit money.

RETURN TIME - Due to many variables in the mounting process and a very busy and unpredictable work load we are unable to promise an exact delivery date. Our main goal is to provide the best possible quality of finished taxidermy to our customers in a reasonable amount of time. Quoted return time begins when we recieve 50% of total cost, not when specimen is dropped off. Return times are an educated guess & are not garanteed.

PHONE CALLS - Upon receipt of a customer specimen we will give an ESTIMATED RETURN TIME. This is nothing more than a educated guess based on 30 + seasons of running a full time studio. Many variables will affect return time from year to year.  In some instances a customer is impatient and feels that he or she must call continuously to check on their work even before the quoted return time is up. These phone calls are unnecessary, distracting, time consuming and downright annoying. (This includes texts, emails, & private messages, Facebook contacts) We handle a huge workload and can not return such phone calls. If you call to "check on the status" or to "see how its coming along" before the quoted return times that follow, DO NOT expect a return phone call. Each and every piece we receive is treated with equal importance and we want the work completed as badly as you do. When your mount is finished you will be notified immediately, so please do not be a pain in the ass!
To be clear, if you call to check status you WILL NOT recieve a return phone call on;

gameheads prior to 10 months after drop off
Large & medium lifesize mammals prior to 12months after drop off

Birds prior to 10 months after drop off.
fish prior to 10months after drop off.


TERMS OF WORK REQUEST - Since the true condition of the customers specimen is not known until all taxidermy services are complete, all services and work are at the customers own risk. The studio is protected by a fully monitored theft & fire system and backup generator, however we will not be held responsible for losses due to theft, fire, flood, power outages, or any other disaster natural or otherwise. Our waiver is part of our work order contract. We are also not responsible for the mishandling of specimens in the field, at the butcher shop or blemishes caused by conditions beyond our control. These would include large bullet holes, drag marks, tick rubbed hides, improper skinning, large knife holes, sliced ears, mange, scars, rope burns, spoilage.... to sum it up some things just can't be repaired or will show in the finished mount. (see added charges)

FORMS OF PAYMENT -  We accept cash, personal & business checks, cashiers checks & money orders. No out of state checks will be accepted for final payment. There will be a $75 charge for returned checks. Due to ridiculous fees WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS.

ADDED CHARGES - In past seasons I have not charged for repairs that are quite frankly unecessary. It has become necessary to charge for these time consuming repairs. Hourly shop rate of $75 per hour will be charged to repair any major damages such as split brisket, detached antlers, large knife wounds or bullet holes, knife cuts in ears, antler repairs, etc....

Misty Mountain Taxidermy Studios
700 Cliff Drive
Jefferson Township, PA 18436
Phone: (570) 499-1598

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