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Misty Mountain Taxidermy Studios


Gameheads & fish make up the bulk of our workload and these two items can really be considered our specialties. We LOVE to mount fish. All of our fish are mounted on top quality commercial fish mannequins. We use competition quality eyes on BOTH sides of the fish. We mount all species of fresh & saltwater fish. Most are done as skin mounts but there are several species that are better done as graphite replicas. For the catch & release fisherman all that we need is a length & girth measurement and a good quality photo to reproduce your fish. The new graphite blanks are so detailed & lifelike that it is sometimes difficult for even the most experienced taxidermist to tell the difference. Our cold water fish ( trout & salmon) if skin mounted get an artificial head to prevent shrinkage & grease bleed. This practice is also used on some large Pike, muskies, & stripers.  Fins on all of our fish are backed and reinforced with flexable but durable materials. We take alot of extra time with the paint job on your trophy fish as this is the step that really brings them to life. We can do a much more accurate job of reproducing the colors of your fish if you have a good quality photo of the live fish as soon as it comes out of the water. All salt water species are done as graphite reproductions. Please check out some of our fish photos below. For pricing on fish see our NA game price list.

Misty Mountain Taxidermy Studios
700 Cliff Drive
Jefferson Township, PA 18436
Phone: (570) 499-1598

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