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Misty Mountain Taxidermy Studios


We can do european skull mounts on all of the antlered or horned game from the biggest moose to the tinyest african antelope. We also do skull work on all predators large & small, furbearers, and small game. Skull mounts are available with or without panels or bases. Your choice. We use flesh eating beetles & sometimes boiling to clean the skulls & they are then bleached to museum whiteness. We also offer hydro dipping of skulls in many patterns. See our North American pricelist for details.

Our antler mounts are done with a foam antler shield & monted on a panel. The shield can be covered with any color velvet or natural rawhide buckskin.

Misty Mountain Taxidermy Studios
700 Cliff Drive
Jefferson Township, PA 18436
Phone: (570) 499-1598

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