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Misty Mountain Taxidermy Studios

About Us 

Misty Mountain Studios was founded in 1992 by Matt Yablonski. Matt dabbled in taxidermy as a hobbyu since the age of 12. After attending an accredited taxidermy school and private 1 on 1 training with several master taxidermists Matt opened a small shop in his parent's basement. Within 2 seasons the business quickly outgrew the small studio and was moved across the street to a commercial building on Rte. 348. In a few years time MMTS became one of the most popular & successful taxidermy studios in North East PA. By 2007 MMTS was handling nearly 1,200 pieces annually. Later that same year Matt had to close the studio down due to chronic spinal & joint problems and was forced to pursue other business opportunities. After a year of medical treatment and extensive physical therapy Matt was ready to once again practice the art he so dearly loves. In 2009 he took in about 20 deer heads & a few fish and worked out of his home. 2010 word began to get out and the workload more than doubled with no advertizment or promotion of the business. The business grew rapidly and it was necessary to re-open our former commercial location on Rte. 348. The 2011 season was a barn burner for MMTS with a large number of African, Exotic, & North American big game coming through our doors.  As of Sept. 1st 2012 all of our small mammals & big game (checked in prior to April) were completed and delivered. The rest, as they say, is history! Why wait a year or more for your mounts when you can recieve better quality in a shorter time? No, we are certainly not the cheapest area studio but there is much more to value than just the price. Our studio is protected by a fully monitored alarm system. What is your once in a lifetime trophy worth to you. What's it worth to your taxidermist? We care enough to be sure you have the peace of mind knowing your trophies are being handled by a secure, full time facility. We have extensive experience mounting ALL species of African, Exotic, & North American big game including all of the "BIG 5" In order to be a good taxidermist it takes more than skill & artistic talent, one also has to have an extensive knowlege of the habits, habitats, & expressions of the animals, birds & fish which they work on.  Matt is an avid hunters & angler.He  has taken many species of North American, African & Exotic game and all species of fresh and salt water fish. Matt has also been on safari in Africa three times and also owns a Hunt Consulting service INNER CIRCLE HUNTS INTERNATIONAL that has booked numerous hunts in both the North American & overseas market so we know how to broker in & handle all of your African & domestic trophies. We are also licensed scorers for Records of Exotics and Safari Club International.We look forward to serving you now & in the future.

Misty Mountain Taxidermy Studios
700 Cliff Drive
Jefferson Township, PA 18436
Phone: (570) 499-1598

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